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We Are Committed to Full Service

While much of the financial world relies on fully automated payments processing, PSI remains committed to full-service payments management. We believe you will appreciate the difference. We take our stewardship of your money flow seriously. You will come to know all of us by name and we will know you. When you and your staff have a question about anything — payments, refunds, deposits, account setups, reconciliations … anything — you won’t get a ticket number and a vague promise. We will work with you to get your questions answered promptly.


We Are Committed to Innovation, Integration and Your Convenience

PSI was one of the first non-bank, private companies to make EFT payments available to the Non-Profit community. Founded in 1992 by Beverly Kempf, we created highly efficient batching processes to execute thousands of EFT and credit card donations on regular schedules. From there, we’ve expanded to handle batched, one-time payments and today, we process millions of streamed, one-time and recurring payments, across all the conventional donation channels. We continue to grow our capabilities with credit cards. PSI can manage credit card payments in 40+ currencies here in the United States and anywhere in the Western Hemisphere and Europe. When the processing is done you can see, print or download the results in one place — your PSI Client Portal.

Easy Access to All Payment Activity Across All Channels …

Proven Cost-Containment and Turnkey Processing Setups …

All With a Personal Touch and a Smile 

We Are Committed to Innovation, Integration and Your Convenience